Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Yellowed Paper

The following is not specifically about Sigmund Freud but his image serves to represent for me those Jews who were fortunate to escape the talons of the 1,000 Year Reich, like the fictional character in my poem. The idea of newspapers to cover the windows and divide the world was inspired by a visit I made to Mark Manders' exhibit Room with Broken Sentence at the Dutch Pavilion, Venice Biennale, between 1st June and 24th November 2013. 

Dr. Freud arriving by train in Paris

He covered the windows 
with sheets 
from the papers,

their thin yellow skins 
divided the world 
from the world. 

The words 
in the papers:

Teller & Messer  Fischer & Tischler  Achtung! & Zeitung

meant little 
to him.
 One said he was blind.

. . . 

A splintering 
of a door in the night 
 - the Teutoni march in 

. . .  no-one's at home. 
No trace of a shadow 
was found. 


  1. Very disturbing Gwil. You certainly have the knack of making us think hard.

  2. Thanks Pat, I've now added an explanatory note and a photo above the poem.

  3. Responses to the works of others interest me a lot. I like this poem. I will also look at Manders, I know his work but I missed Venice last year.

  4. yellow paper makes me think of Ken Geering's magazine Breakthru

  5. Gerald, fetching $20-$60 collectable. Don't throw them away!


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