Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fairy Tale of Hope

Once Upon a Time . . . 

and children 
in many parts of the World 
in their hearts 
 the Truth  
of a common message, they understood 
the miracle 
of transformation,
how it is 
that a blundering bullfrog 
a charming prince
why it is 
that an ugly duckling 
grows up 
to be 
an elegant swan 

We can, if we want to, make the World a better place for the next generation, provided we pull together instead of constantly pulling apart. Elected and unelected leaders appear to take delight in squabbling and insulting our intelligence, all too often parading their folly in the public eye, and all too often forcing  us all, and that includes children and babies, into conflicts and wars. Leaders, you are parents and grandparents too. Please set a decent example. It's time to kiss and make up, and wear some new clothes. 


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