Friday, 28 March 2014

Today in the news

Investigating a strange smell in an old folks home in the Austrian province of Styria staff found the body of an elderly female resident who had passed away two weeks ago:

a couple of weeks 
and mother is still in bed 
the janitor looks in 


  1. I thought they were going to find several bodies. However, one is too many.

    I note that you have chosen Tommy as your alter ego, your avatar. Quelle surprise! I have a cat for me on Facebook, but maybe not so surprising. Tommy looks like a nice cat.

  2. Rachel, I think it's more a case of Tommy choosing me than me choosing him. He is nice when he wants to be. I think he is psychic.

  3. I hope it doesn't happen to us RK. I aim to keep active until I fall off my perch. That's the plan at least. All the best, G


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