Monday, 21 April 2014

haiku double-take (4)

As usual the double-haiku begins with 3 lines from John Mcdonald at zenspeug. Then to John's words I add 3 lines of my own. I have John's kind permission to do this whenever the mood takes me.

such a long war . . . 
her hair 
already in pigtails

she's ready to go  
to school 
if there was one . . .



  1. A poignant double haiku that says it all in so few words Gwil.

  2. Thanks Pat. The United Nations reckons that there are 100 million landmines and unexploded bombs lying around in 59 countries. Laos is the most affected land in the world. There are 80 million UXOs in Laos. They were dropped there during the secret war against Laos (1964-1973). Between the end of the secret war and now more than 11,000 villagers in Laos have been killed or injured by unexploded devices. At the present rate it will be 1,000 years before the land is cleared.

  3. Thank you John. You'll notice this time I've even managed to spell your surname correctly ;) och aye!


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