Monday, 21 April 2014

Who the hell do I think I am, David Bailey?

Sir David Bailey's black and white birthday shot of Queen Elizabeth II, I mean the monarch not the ship, is all over the internet.

Could it be that nostalgic monochrome is soon to be the new colour fad? 

Up half the night with the ubiquitous candle stub in the attic of my Victorian domain I  finally discovered my dad's Kodak Brownie and along with it an Oxo tin containing portraits of several anonymous and forgotten relatives.

Dad, like his eldest son, was often ahead of his time. Here are two of dad's best photos.

  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I cannot tell a lie. I admit it was me who really took these photographs. I was recently  at Punta Della Dogana where there are 4 sculptured busts  titled Fratelli by Thomas Schütte on display until the end of the year and so I snapped my two favourites.

Sir David, it's a wonderful and illuminating photograph you took of Her Majesty. You have nothing to fear from this amateur button presser!


  1. I find this post difficult to understand. I was expecting to see some of your black and white images.

  2. I'll make them more b&w for you. It won't take a minute.

  3. Hope they are now black and white enough. It's the best I can do. Did you see the queen's portrait? I first saw it on the BBC News website yesterday.

  4. Post greatly improved. My thanks to Rachel.


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