Thursday, 1 May 2014


a breezy day 
this first of may 
and on parade 
in dress of white 
upon the field
the waving daughters 
of the wind 
sight for natural man
and eager brides
they make to tempt 
 the green and gold 
the armoured 


  1. Exquisite pure white flowers - they remind me of brides.

  2. The poem highlights the idea that the flowers, the 'brides', are attractive to man and insect alike. They are called anemone as you probably know because they open when the wind is blowing.

  3. I didn't know any of that. Very nice pictures. Do they grow as wild flowers?

  4. Earlier this week in a West Wicklow shower I was sheltering under a horse chestnut and thought of Hardy, looking at sun, rain, leaves, flowers -

    'This is the weather the cuckoo like, And so do I, And showers betumble the chestnut spikes...'

    The clarity of your poem creates another powerful/simple/rich evocation of spring moving into summer that digs deep, deep down inside us. Looking through your blog I noticed your interest in Kraus - I have a translation of 'Last Days' underway that you can find at

    and I am publishing the Epilogue: The Last Night, on Amazon myself -

  5. Rachel, Yes these are wild flowers. I spotted them on one of my walks in the countryside recently.

  6. Michael, thanks for your kind words and your interest. I will have have a look at the link. The Last Days is currently showing, just premiered actually, at the Volkstheater in Vienna. Naturally I plan to attend a future performance. Good luck with 'The Last Night'. We may be there sooner than we think.


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