Friday, 2 May 2014

The Ball is a Banana

A trio of Bayern Munich footballers appeared in this morning's paper. The photo (below) shows each of them eating  a banana. 

The footballers are protesting against racism in football, and in particular racist chants, that is to say 'monkey noises', from a section of  so-called football fans, as well as instances of racism on the field of play. 

Racism has no place in football or anywhere else for that matter.

And so, today I'm also joining the cause. I'm saying: I'm an African too. And if you really think about it you will soon realize that we all are.

Bayern trio: Boateng, Dante and Alaba

Soccer's World Cup will get underway in Brazil in just one month. Players of all nationalities and skin tones will naturally be in the mix. I wish all the teams and their fans a trouble-free and enjoyable event. 

Footnote: Barcelona star Alves ate a banana which had been thrown at  him during a match against Villareal and thus began what I am dubbing the ball is a banana movement.

Austria's Holland and Kamara going bananas!

Pele - the top banana!

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