Saturday, 3 May 2014

History Lesson

Otto Wagner Church overlooks a clinic (now a museum)  at Vienna's Spiegelgrund
where hundreds of children were examined as part of a Nazi euthanasia programme 

The Reich Post Bus known as the 'Gekrat' belonged to the Public Hospital
Transport Company which was in truth a department of the 'Office of the
Führer'  detailed to transport patients to the gassing establishments

Hartheim, north-east of Salzburg, is where selected children  were
transported by bus under a pretense, only to be murdered on arrival

Today the garden below the Otto Wagner Church contains 772 candles




Dr. Rudolf Lonauer (R) seen here in the bosom of his family. From 1940
to 1945 Lonauer was the director of the extermination facility Hartheim.
In 1945 he committed suicide along with other family members. 


  1. We can never forget
    .(▒)(♥)(▒) Greeting
    ...(▒)(▒) rom Belgium

  2. Thanks for your visit here, and with your dog too ;)

  3. I like to read your history lessons. I will look up more reading for myself on the subject and maps to see the location. Thank you Gwil.

  4. I have always felt that suicide of these people was the coward's way out - they should have faced the music. On the other hand Gwil, how can we even begin to see into the mind of such evil.


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