Wednesday, 7 May 2014



  1. Maybe not a wall, but what beautiful colours in the stack of bricks.

  2. Pat, they are the prettiest bricks I could find in the latest DIY catalogue. In fact they are most interesting objects in the 600 pages. I'm no handyman. I just recycle paper.

    Rachel, I think I'm like everybody Rachel. I guess it depends what frame of mind I wake up in. I'm in one of my soberish periods at the moment.

  3. Well whatever. It is a work of art and I like it.

  4. Rachel I'm really glad you like it, it's supposed to be a work of inspiration to show that nothing is impossible , I'll put another note up later today. Apropos of which I must congratulate French 2nd Division club Clermont-Ferrand on their new manager appointment. She is Helena Costa. She has previously trained football teams in Qatar and Iran. Maybe she can take over from Wenger when he finally hangs up his team sheet?

    1. I have just been reading about her. I would like to be one too! I fantasize about ir often. She cannot have my team though!


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