Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's a Goal!

Colin Jackson's goal: to get the world running


  1. Wish I could Gwil - bad ankle means walking is hard enough. I have to get my running thrills through Dominic.

  2. In the wings for life event some people walk, even grandparents pushing babies in pushchairs. There is no finishing line. When the catcher-car catches up with you, it starts 30 minutes behind you, you stop and a bus takes you back to the start. Your entry money and any sponsorship all goes to Wings for Life which is a charity researching how to repair spinal cord injuries. Scientists say the breakthrough is 10 to 15 years down the line. Every penny goes to research. Red Bull do not take any money and provide all the support and organization. My uncle was 40 years in wheel chair after a railway tunnel collapsed on him. That's probably why I'm so enthusiastic about this cause.

  3. Pat, I almost forgot, good luck to Dominic for the running season ahead. Does he have a major goal this year? I remember he wanted to do the Snowdonia Marathon one year but unfortunately sustained an injury in training.


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