Thursday, 8 May 2014


or the spider as whistleblower

      spider       web
             the  writing 
          on the wall             confusing

Spiders on marijuana or benzedrine are able to construct much better webs than this one. Spiders on caffeine or chloral hydrate construct disorganized webs not unsimilar to this Fukushima example. Doctor Timothy Mousseau of South Carolina University has been to Fukushima 10 times and is alarmed by the extent of animal deformities and the 50% decrease in bird and insect populations. 


  1. The Picasso of the spider world, perhaps...

  2. Jinksy, I'd say it's a map of the Tepco electricity grid. The spider's a genius.

  3. Japan relegated to 53rd place for press freedom by reporters without borders. A terrible indictment on the situation at Fukushima.

  4. It's even worse than I thought. I just checked ! This country is in 59th place.


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