Sunday, 13 July 2014

Poetry in motion - Kennaugh wins in Austria

Pete Kennaugh holds aloft the winner's trophy after today's final stage of the 2014 Tour of Austria 8-stage cycle race. Cycle racing is poetry in motion.

The photo is one of several I took of the Austrian event. Some of them  are shown here to give you a taste of the final stages. 

The Isle of Man's Kennaugh, riding for Team Sky, held onto the leader's yellow jersey throughout the tour having claimed it on the first stage. 

Conditions during the closing stages suddenly became precarious when a torrential thunderstorm drenched the city centre course in Vienna which is crisscrossed with tram lines. Not unpredictably a couple of riders crashed during the final sprint on the last bend. Fortunately their injuries are not believed to be serious.  

The presentation ceremony had to be curtailed because of a power failure caused by the storm. 

Cycle racing makes good TV.  The reality is many times better! 


  1. Good photos. Interesting end in the rain. I will watch out for him next year in the Tour.

  2. Thanks Rachel. I'm sure he'll be in Le Tour 2015. Apart from being a good all rounder I've heard say he can climb.

  3. My son would agree with you wholeheartedly Gwil - he has watched the Tour for years and says there is no other sport like it.


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