Friday, 29 August 2014

Notes from the Illusionary Universe

The hologram

The two dimensional  loaded dice

The dinosaur extinct . . .


  1. My brain hurts Gwil with trying to understand this. I shall have to think about it - you are always setting posers for me.

  2. Inside the black hole the physicist found the dinosaur and even measured his last meal in little bits

  3. Pat, see Rachel's comment. There is a theory that the universe is a hologram. That is a 2 dimensional image having no depth. Like a dream in a way. It exists only in a theoretical point maybe in a theoretical black hole where you might still find theoretical Dinos if not in your local museum ;-) ...

  4. Oh, I got it right did I. It took me some time to work out and I puzzled a long time over how the dinosaur fitted in (all very early this morning. Not just a football hooligan!

  5. , and sometimes a hootball fooligan if there is such a thing ....


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