Monday, 6 October 2014

In exitum cuiusdam*

*On a certain one's departure

"Time's bitter flood"!  Oh, that's all very well,
But where's the old friend hasn't fallen off,
Or slacked his hand-grip when you first gripped fame?
I know your circle and can fairly tell
What you have kept and what you have left behind:
I know my circle and know very well
How many faces I'd have out of mind.

Ezra Pound


  1. http://weaverofgrass.blogspot.com6 October 2014 at 12:30

    One of my favourite poets, haven't read him lately so shall go and get his book off the shelf this afternoon and indulge myself for an hour.

  2. A n'er more difficult man than Pound
    and n'er a more bloody difficult quote than this Gwil.

  3. Thanks Rachel. Pound is interesting, I'd put it that way. Supporting Mussolini was a step too far for the Americans so they threw him in the looney bin and. Threw away the key, probably a forerunner of today's goings on in a certain institution in Cuba.

    Thanks Pat for your comment which arrived somewhere else.

  4. Very cryptic "Thanks Pat for your comment which arrived somewhere else".
    Did it get lost?

  5. We are the lost and found department here. I recently found a couple of comments from several months ago.


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