Sunday, 5 October 2014

Whole Body Imagery (Venezia Biennale 2014)



whole body imagery
means full body scan
and nothing to hide

in the search
for the needle  
by women 

in uniform blue  
with blue nitrile gloves 

with no belt
in his trousers
and his coins and his keys 

with his phone 
in a box
along with his shoes

he feels 
quite alone 
in the queues

where he stands  
in his socks
having gone 

through the scanner 
feeling so small . . .
feeling so small . . .

- a special poem for Rachel who wanted light relief today


  1. The anti-fatigue mat is deserted
    the blue nitrile gloves approach
    and the beltless men wait

    Nice relief R
    Arsenal are losing 1-0

  2. I'm being pushed out the door. Yesterday I went to a football match where you could peep through the fence. Somebody kicked the ball into the river. No. 9 collided with no. 10 and almost knocked him out. Good old kick and rush and no prisoners taken, the long ball the charge down the pitch. End to end a la Wimbledon. Stuck it for 20 minutes.

  3. You stuck it for a long time peeking through a fence. I would forgive Arsenal doing a Wimbledon today but not Wenger's style to change Arsenal's game for any one. Don't be pushed out the door.


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