Saturday, 25 October 2014

The first Get Knotted Tie of the Month (October)

Be it foreign coins, LP albums, postcards, beer mats, comics, train sets, radios, shoes, book matches, candle sticks, hats, cuff links, tattoos, odd socks, water colours, beetles, butterflies, or pebbles from the beach we are all collectors. Myself, I collect 'nice' ties.

At 3 euros net price the above item of neckwear was a kicker. I cornered it in the back of a charity shop.

Do you actually wear your strange ties? I hear you ask. Of course I do. And by the way there's no need for anyone to shout. The ties are loud enough to shout for themselves.

You can check out another Get Knotted Tie of the Month here in November. In the meantime, hang loose.


  1. Hideous is the only word that fits Gwil - sorry. I do know of someone who makes the most marvellous quilts out of old ties she has taken to pieces and ironed flat. Maybe it would look better in a quilt, although I doubt it.

  2. Pat, if you think this one is hideous just wait till you see next month's. The quilts from tie business sounds like a great idea. But they could do the reverse too i,e cut up the old quilts to make ties.

  3. I approve of the tie. I looked at it on my phone the other night but was unable to meaningfully comment at that moment. I like the football theme of it.

    I don't collect anything these days. Cant stand clutter any more. Although I have had to stop myself buying vases and lamps at the auction now I come to think of it. We have enough.

  4. Could you think about eliminating the robot net?

  5. I bought two new ties today. They were 1 euro each at a kind of Oxfam shop called Caritas. I tried eliminating the robot but it lead to a flood of pink meat in tins. For you I will try again.


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