Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Crow was first published in 2008 in my collection Genteel Messages (now out of print).

Crow flew just once 
in a straight line 

the hooded one
living in my garden 

straight as a shoulder-fired missile 
brought down the escaping harrier 
seen circling Crow-Empire

rammed it side-on 
knocked it spinning out of the blue 

the red bird fell tumbling to earth 
and out of sight.

For entertainment Crow plays with the wind

Crow soars and tumbles 

circles and zigzags

Crow dives and darts

   and drops       

and dances

like a scrap of windblown blackbag liner 

in spite of all that straight as the crow flies propaganda ______________________

but today's the long grey day 
when echoing silence reigns 
so Crow won't fly this day 

he'll simply sit in his tree
with his silver eyes blinking. 


  1. The crow pecked the black bin bag until he got his way in
    He scoffed through the takeaway trays and the pizza crusts
    He liked her choice of food no end
    And when he'd finished he tossed it all about
    And flew away
    And then she came out and cleared it all up

  2. I'm pleased she cleared up! Many do not. I'm struck by the number of energy drink cans one sees dropped at the roadside. But maybe the energy drink is not working if the litter bin is not just at hand. Fortunately crows do not like energy drinks. They seem to do well on rainwater.


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