Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Peace on Earth, and Goodwill in Ukraine.

The second Sunday in Advent. And in an Austrian school there was a Russian tea room complete with a steaming samovar and decorations made by schoolchildren, and at one point some 'Russian' carol singers.  We scoffed our beetroot and cakes and slurped our tea. It was crowded and warm and jolly. 

Up above, in the EU's cozy stratosphere the political propaganda factory orbits endlessly on. It  resembles a giant asteroid on an unknown collision course. An object without any intelligent guidance which cannot know where it will finally impact. 

Back on Earth the winter for ordinary folks, those people scurrying about below; the teachers, the children, the tram drivers, and the elderly who know what unpleasant surprises political shenanigans can bring, draws ever nearer; as it does in Moscow, Donezk, Kiev, and Bethlehem every year. 

May the Lord, if there be such, let his star guide and preserve us. 


  1. And may Donetsk Opera House be saved and Bethlehem be a place where we all can visit without walls and graffiti and guns and may eastern Ukrainians be free. Amen

  2. If only the whole world could be at peace - and everyone could have a wonderful Christmas Gwil.

  3. Interesting about the opera house isn't it? It's in the paper again today. Anna Netrebko under heavy criticism by Austrian Foreign Ministry for donating this money in front of the flag of 'New Russia' in St Petersburg. Well, excuse me, but if we are living here in a free democracy surely we can give our money to any good causes that we like, and since Anna is an opera singer, it is only natural that she gives it to the Donetsk opera. It's bad enough that the EU Thought Police are constantly on our backs without the Austrian Foreign Ministry jumping on the bandwagon.

  4. Like Rachel I wish that some day we can all visit Betlehem. I live 30 km from the town. Thank you Gwil W for visiting my blog,

  5. Yael, thank you for the comment and for visiting here.


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