Thursday, 11 December 2014

Has Comet-Earth-Water-Theory Bitten the Dust?

Astronomers say they now know, what many of us have long suspected, and it is that our planet's water did not come from the comets.  

Results from the Rosetta probe suggest the old theory doesn't hold water. Or if it does, it's the wrong kind of water.

Some scientific diehards are now suggesting that maybe the water is "deep inside" the comets or that it arrived here on "wet asteroids". This modification of the comet-earth-water-theory is definite proof of the drowning-man-will-grasp-at-a-straw-theory.

One answer to the riddle is the theory that the water burst forth from deep inside the Earth.  And there is actual evidence for this theory.

Scientists at Vienna University suggested earlier this year in the science magazine Nature that there could as much water deep below the Earth's surface as on the surface. 

Their calculations are based upon the fact that diamonds from great depths brought to the surface by volcanic activity in South America were found to contain water.

However there are some who believe they have known the truth about the source of the water all along.

They say that the whole of our blue planet was originally covered with water. That there was water above the Earth and water on the Earth and in between the two lots of water was a layer of atmosphere. 

This idea is not far fetched when one looks for example at the rings around other planets.

The author of the account of Creation in the book of Genesis speaks of:

the birth 
of our blue Earth

of a layer of water 
in the sky

and of water below


an expanse 
between the waters 

like an ancient atmosphere

to separate 
from water 

under the expanse 
and water 
above it 


to one place 


let dry ground appear 

the gathered waters 


the seas. 


  1. I leave these sorts of theories to my son Gwil. As long as water comes out of the tap when I want a cup of tea and out of the shower when i want a shower, I am content.

  2. A human baby is 73% water. So before we even get to dna and genetics etc we can say that we humans are all 73% the same. If we knew where the water on our planet came from we we'd be well on the way to knowing our own place in the great scheme of things.


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