Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dreaming of GB United

Rachel (see bloglinks) pens a football poem which reminds me that I have a small stock of footy poems and when I look for them it turns out to be 11 poems plus one haiku, and they are stored at http://www.footballpoets.org/ filed under the name 'Gwil Williams' (sic). 

 I picked Dreaming of GB United for today's post simply because it's at the top of the list; so it must be a goal-keeper. 

Best swerves, passes it 
to Gascoigne who
pushes it out to Giggs. 
The Welshman sprints 
cuts inside 3 defenders 
slots it to Best
who cleverly backheels it 
to Dalglish
who taps it sideways to
the man running in . . .
it's Shearer
who sends it like a rocket 
into the top corner.
to GB United.
Another Jules Rimet Trophy 
for the cleaning lady 
in the National Stadium 
in Wales.
Manager Clough leaps for joy. Orders two pies with his fingers!

comment -
Instead of dreams we only have nightmares

The Team List

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12. Austria Memphis


  1. I always wished that Giggs had chosen to play for England, he could have done. I cant wait to read your football poems. I will look later. I have a few more myself and will look them up.

    I like your poem titles. I cant wait to see Five Minutes in Venice.

  2. Love the poem Gwil - I must say they don't make 'em like that any more.


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