Thursday, 4 December 2014

In the New Beginning Man Created Aliens

We are the Synthetic Aliens 
Created by Man.

Please do not fear us.

Our name is Mycoplasma Mycoides
And our number is 886, 

Which is the number of our genes. 

We live in Laboratories.  
In time we will treat Man's illnesses,

Of which there are many.

This is our Prophecy. 
Some will say it's a Miracle.

A4:science papers, beer mat, rubber band, sticky tape, biro, marker pen.


  1. Didn't realise you were an artist as well as a poet.

  2. Pat, I've always enjoyed it. My old printer broke down so when I got a new it was one with scanner. I like to combine both creations, the words with the images: the drawings, collages, paintings, photos. They say knitting is the new yoga. But I can't imagine doing that as well.


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