Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Portrait of the Artist as an old/young man/dog . . . etcetera

card 8"x6" wax crayon 

portrait of the artist
as an old fool 
 and a bathroom mirror 


  1. You see yourself as a young boy by the looks of things.

  2. yes, I try to stay young at heart you might say, I suppose I'm running away from the advancing years . . .

  3. Yes, me too, but I can't run so i just keep on believing I am still young and avoid the mirror.

  4. If you can't run you can try walking fast! In the bathroom mirror I can deceive myself. I can imagine I've still got my youthful orange hair, which of course I haven't. In reality it's now a milky shade of white. I know this brutal truth from examining my haircut clippings which don't lie, except on the floor.


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