Monday, 9 February 2015

Cold War Heating Up


Like the stale pie in the microwave the cold war is heating up. I've just heard Obama talking some evil nonsense, bragging about his fancy weapons*. At least Angela Merkel currently visiting him at the White House is trying her best.

I'm seriously pissed-off with the irrational thinking of many international political leaders with regard to the Ukrainian civil war. Ukraine troubles me more than ISIS, the War on Terror, Ebola and everything else. One false step and Ukraine could end up in Armageddon. Possibly taking a good portion of Eurasia with them.

The first intelligent thing to do is to revoke the tit-for-tat sanctions as a sign of goodwill, and the second thing is to send somebody to the Ukraine to take away their deadly toys. God knows we have enough trouble and disaster in the world without political stupidity unnecessarily adding to it.

Having solved the Ukraine problem we could then focus on improving the sad and tragic lot of much of mankind. 

Peace Talks
What's it to be? 
Beautiful women and music? 
Or woe? 

"Ask the right questions and demand the right answers. Question more." - Larry King.

*"lethal defence weapons" as Obama now terms them. 


  1. I am intrigued tonight to know what are these fancy weapons to which Obama refers.

  2. Rachel I just added a *footnote. I just remembered exactly what he called them.
    They always have stuff we don't know about. More research needed.

  3. I heard it on the 6 0'Clock News on the radio. I am intrigued by such a description. I need to find out more.

  4. BBC shows an example, a picture of a hedgehog. But an 'expert' says the term is meaningless. So the answer is: "a meaningless hedgehog". I hope it doesn't end up like or worse than VietNam. That's my fear.


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