Saturday, 14 March 2015

Folkshilfe - Who you are

Yesterday evening as we watched (on TV) the Austrian public, assisted by a smattering of European juries,  choose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 we had more evidence, as if we needed it,  that some of the best entries in this contest often fail to win.

And so Folkshilfe will  not be representing Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest Final 2015. 

The boys must not be discouraged by the fact that only one European jury gave them maximum points.

On the contrary they should be consoled and encouraged because of the fact that it was a British jury which awarded the maximum points.

Brits know a good number as soon as they hear one.  I too awarded my twelve points to Folkshilfe via the phone-in. 

Boys be Who you are.

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