Monday, 16 March 2015

Crusty or thin?

the peace prize

pizza with added olives noir
   after the selfie
   sprinkled with drones


  1. I think I need a tutorial on this Gwil.

  2. Thanks. I see I missed a word from thing!

  3. The selfie refers to the selfie that Obama took at the remembrance ceremony for Nelson Mandela. The peace prize pizza refers to the Nobel peace prize awarded to Obama shortly after he took office. The pizza is of not much value as far peace is concerned but it may be if you are a person starving in Africa. There are several of peace I.e. Pizza , including crusty , i.e. rough sort of peace, or thin , that is a peace that is fragile. So that's the basic tutorial for it.

  4. I should the drones are the things that are dropped on the pizza, bits of onion, pepper, salt, green stuff, that kind of thing, an olive if you lucky ;)

  5. What about a reference to a season? It must have one. The olive for summer perhaps it is hidden there.


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