Monday, 27 April 2015

Divina Comedia de Dante Alighieri / music from Mozart and 12-line poem

Earthquakes can be Hell
Floods can be Hell
Tsunamis can be Hell
Typhoons can be Hell 
Volcanoes can be Hell 
Hurricanes can be Hell
Landslides can be Hell 
Snowstorms can be Hell 
Droughts can be Hell 
Bush fires can be Hell 
Plagues can be Hell
Hell is War with/out fail. 


  1. Oh gwil, how true this week in the dreadful aftermath.

  2. I think there are enough natural disasters to keep us all occupied with rescue efforts and so on that I sometimes wonder how we find the time to continue the war. I call it 'the war' because I think we should abolish the plural of war. There is only one war. It is being fought in different places at different times but it is a continuous war and has been for centuries. War therefore need only be a singular noun.


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