Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The End of the War

There is only one war. 
And it is the war. 

It is the war we are having now.
And the war we had yesterday. 

It is the war we had a century ago.
And it is the war before that. 

There is only one war. 
In my lexis  

War is the action 
Of the unbalanced mind.

Different ages. 
Different tribes. 

Different uniforms. Different 

Are merely features 
Of the never-ending war.

The peacemakers 

Who were blessed 
And promised the Earth 

We the collateral millions 
The refugees 

The homeless
The sick

The innocent 
The desperate 

Now pray 
To whatsoever God/s there may be: 

Let the war be consigned to the museums
And history books. 

And let the notion 
Of the plurality of the war 

Be rejected 
That all may bury their differences

Instead of their brothers and sisters;  and that
We may finally commemorate 

The End of the War. 
Let it now be done. 


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