Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Photo of an Italian poet

The third and final photo of the current sequence. Here my light source is, appropriately for an Italian poet, from a garden. The garden is on the opposite side of the building to the sea which is the light source in the post directly below this one. 

An anonymous person, much smaller than the poet, stands almost tentatively at the edge of the scene with his back to the camera. 

The ghostly poet drifts through the walls of the gallery and peers into the unknown distance and casts his shadow before him.


  1. From the face your shadowy figure is pulling he must be depressed by the poetry!

  2. Or depressed by the state of the world. He casts his shadow before him, unusual for a ghostly image. Maybe he knows something we don't or can see something we can't.

  3. Such interesting shots. I really enjoyed them.
    I really like your T SHIRT "Grundsätzlich Verdächtig." How about a T shirt that says," Ich glaube nur, was wahr ist." ?

  4. Mmm, an interesting concept Kass. Unfortunately I can't get my round what "licht" is, or "bewußtsein" never mind "was wahr ist" ;-)

  5. Vielleicht bewußtsein ist relativ.


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