Wednesday, 13 May 2015

500 year oak fallen

Only 10 days and 7 hours to go! 
-  Eurovision Song Contest Official Website 

 Anno 1529 


 that was the year when it sprouted
 an acorn in the woods
 in Vienna

 that was the year

 Kara Mustapha 

 ordered the men
 encamped in these hills
 to mount 
and lay siege to the town 
of the apple of gold
as Vienna was called

 May 2015

 the Turks drive the taxis 
 and trams
 cook the kebabs
 and clear the snow off the roads

 the ancient oak falls

 no snarl-ups and jams 
 for Eurovision songsters
 in decorated taxis 
and trams

 in the woods 
 the oak trees 
 link arms

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