Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cuckoo duet

Another spring
And an unseen bird

Are in the woods
Of Exelberg.

I can hear
The two-note tone.

Deep in
The woods

Of Schwarzenberg
The same

Two notes
For talk.

"Look who!"
The metronome.

"Look who!"
The tuning-fork.

The clocks of spring
Run on.


  1. How lucky you are Gwil. We have not had a cuckoo for years here. They have obviously all stayed in Vienna.

    1. I just read that they can lay up to 25 eggs in other birds nests. They always lay them in the afternoon. They like to eat hairy caterpillars.

  2. We have more than usual judging by the sound of them. Maybe your cuckoos and some extra ones from Switzerland.

  3. I like the heron and his reflection in the water.

  4. Thanks Rachel, I couldn't get any nearer for a clearer picture. I only have a cheap camera from Aldi I sometimes take on my walks so I had to use the zoom and then enhance the green with the computer which made the heron whiter than it really was, but then I was happy with the end result. You can only work with what you've got.

    1. I thought the heron looked very stand-out White.


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