Monday, 28 September 2015

Little Green Fish?

NASA is due to reveal new information relating to the red planet at a much hyped press conference later today.

Many of us fervently hope that NASA will present indisputable evidence of life existing or having existed on Mars.

An announcement of that nature, if it were to come, would enable us to evolve as a species to a stage where we can put much hocus-pocus and xenophobic blood-letting behind us, or so one would hope.

Myths and legends of talking snakes and spirits hiding in gardens, and of people living to be a thousand years old and having privileged access to the mind of the creator of the universe, and other tales promulgated as if they were indisputable facts by the those in  unholy pursuance of an outdated agenda, that is to say  by those determined to create sheep-brained marionettes in their own image, belong only in the history books and in the museums, if they belong anywhere at all.


  1. Flowing water on Mars. This is great news. Wherever there is flowing water there will be some form of life. They will find it soon.

  2. Soft sound; above the flowing waters; living cell.

    __We are not alone... anxious to know! _m

    1. Springs in the desert; also miracles on Mars . . .!


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