Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What Are We Fighting For?

This video is about the Vietnam War but it might equally be about the War in Iraq and the closely related never ending military-industrial politics of Hydra, the multi-headed monster JFK warned us about; a need for endless conflicts, exemplified today by the tragic scenes unfolding in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan* and elsewhere.

Hungary (EU) today closed it's southern border  to tens of thousands refugees including those fleeing the ISL and the terror of the war in Syria, a war where illegal weapons, gas bombs, have been used against civilians.

Internal borders are from today 'temporarily' quasi-closed inside the EU. The Schengen, that is control- free travel between EU states, is in chaos. It is difficult for EU citizens to travel from Salzburg (Austria) to Munich (Germany) for example.

**What are we fighting for? is the crucial question. A question that Tony Blair and George W Bush have cleverly managed to dodge. One can only say that the reasons behind the Iraq War and the subsequent military conflicts and unrest in the region following Bush's 'Mission Accomplished'  have never been properly explained. 

   *Latest: Taliban free 400 men from Afghan prison.
**The alleged 9/11 masterminds, several Saudi gentlemen languishing in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, have yet to stand trial. Perhaps they never will. The contents of the controversial "28 pages" supposedly relating to the Saudi role (or otherwise) in the 9/11 attack on the USA cannot be released according to Pres. Obama. 

What are we fighting for?
Not for the next generation, that's for sure.


  1. The simple answer to your question: War is Profit.
    Over twenty-five major corporations in the US and UK made billions of dollars profit from servicing the war effort in the Iraqi wars then add on Afghanistan. When quite a few other countries clamoured to join the war effort, well it wasn't for the honour of serving......

    1. Heron's,
      Good points. Many thanks.
      A dark economy based on war and hegemony.
      It cannot go well.
      "Trillions of dollars at the Pentagon unaccounted for." (Donald Rumsfeld).

  2. Agree totally with Heron (and with you too). I feel only despair.

    1. Until war criminals and their backers face justice, and I don't mean the small fish from Africa or Balkans, I mean the big sharks, there will be no justice.

  3. I see the refugee traffickers in Syria have yachts and hotels which they offer for hire to the more well off customers. They have Facebook pages of happy photographs and details of trafficking and the yachts.

    1. Every cloud has a silver lining even if it's fellow countrymen lining their pockets , as is always the case with war economies.


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