Monday, 14 September 2015

Wet day in Venice haiku

  streets paved 
 with gold: reflections 
  in puddles

// //////////
/////// ////// /////////////
///////// //////// 


  1. The trouble with wet days in Venice is that they often lead to flooding and duck boards.

    1. Acqua alta is the title of a Donna Leone novel I read once. Commissar Brunetti the Venitian crime buster runs around in his wellies. When it's wet it's wet, I think is the message.

    2. I love the Brunetti books. I have read them all. Donna Leone cannot write fast enough for her fans. I have been to Venice many times in winter and never had to walk on the duck boards although I have seen them out just in case.

    3. They can't predict the sea level exactly. There are many factors involved including which way the wind is blowing and how strength it is. Maybe they won't need the duckboards much longer, if Mose the mulit-billion € tidal barrier functions as planned.


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