Monday, 14 September 2015

You may leave your monsters outside at the gate

A woman's role in the European Union  

Today you arrived
in huge numbers
- your Exodus now at the Salzach;

Waiting to cross 
and enter the new Promised Land 
- a land with a leader 
who is 
a just woman. 

You may leave your monsters 
at the gate.

Sanctuary  - a place of refuge or safety

You must wait 
in the rain
- with your reasons and hopes.

The border is closed


People are working 
- to provide you  with sanctuary.

The queue - Die Schlange

Be patient 
and wait for your turn.

That's all 
for today.


  1. I must say Gwil that as usual you sum up the situation in as few words as possible. The look of anguish on so many faces, the feelings of helplessness which show through, Winter cold coming on - all these people fleeing - what havoc just a few people have caused to so many.

  2. The many often suffer because of the few. I wonder why that is.


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