Monday, 9 November 2015

exodus über alles*

Dear Angela, David, Jean-Claude and Co. 
Why on earth don't you deal with the cause?  

from the levant
and the garden of eden
from the holy lands
of the miracles
the few
then the hundreds
then the thousands
and the tens of thousands
and soon the millions
the newspapers say

about to be delivered
into the outstretched arms
on the other side
to be patched up
and herded
through gaps
 in wire fencing
to be driven 
around the real europe
in executive coaches
in a dream
sadly going wrong

or to be taken 
by train
into the hall
of the insatiable monster
the open door europe of deutschland 
über alles

an über alles 
where the door will be opened
and shut
according to the political climate

an über alles
where the long wished for paradise
is an uncertain future
in the land of the furnaced roar
where mechanical mouths open and close
to offer an apologia
for a holocaust past
for a hell on earth
starvation behind electrified wire
for the slaughter
of holy land brothers and cousins
and the unmentioned others
of unworthy stock
by zyklon-b gas

an über alles
where no heavenly virgins
will greet you with sunshine
in crystal
for here
it is coal
for iron and steel
and a hammering and a pressing
as the buyer demands

in the temples of fire
 great wheels turn the chains
to the strains of great wagner
look! here are the sidings
with trains carrying ore
arriving and leaving
on time

*There are more than 60,000,000 refugees worldwide, and their number is increasing. Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, there was a 'problem' at an Australian refugee centre situated on Christmas Island. 


  1. Gwil, I may be grossly misinterpreting this poem but it seems to be conflating separate albeit related issues. There is an horrendous and deliberate slaughter of Christians being perpetrated by ISIS right now. There is a risk of this being lost in the complex issue of the mass migration and Western government responses to it.

    1. I'm writing this in Austria where I'm familiar with the situation. If I was in the Middle East I could write about it from that perspective too. I just add this as a ps to my reply below.

  2. Thanks Philip. The poem is about confusion and clash of cultures with a warning embedded that what happened in Europe in the 1940s could happen again. Germany's attempt at dealing with its demographic problem it's low birth rate by opening wide the door when it suits. The EU could unravel. The could be trouble in the Balkans. The poem like the situation is open to the reader's own interpretation.

  3. The reader's interpretation - I like that Gwil. Sometimes I am pleased that I am old - the future looks more andmore uncertain.

    1. The video is good as it reveals the causes and the people and organizations behind the causes. I didn't know the roles of the two Clintons or for example that Kerry actually voted for the illegal the war against Iraq.

    2. More thousands on the way from Libya, just as Gaddafi warned us they would be. The reasons why all the 'gatemen' overthrown or murdered is also in the video, and also which group is behind it. JFK warned us long ago.


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