Sunday, 8 November 2015

Money for War Clock (Recent Photo)

In 3 days it will be Remembrance Day: 

counting the bodies 
they said we'd remember
but we didn't remember

we must now count the cost 
not lest we forget 
     but because we forget 

Worldwide military expenditure
since 1st January (in Euro)


  1. And almost all of it so pointless Gwil.

    1. It's a booming industry. France didn't have any trouble selling that ship they were building for Russia but couldn't sell it to them because of the sanctions. Leaders queue up to buy this stuff, they can't get enough of it. Fear is the key salesman here.

  2. Gwil do you suppose these wars would lessen if the politicians
    had to lead their troops as per in ancient times ?

    1. Never will happen. Too much at stake.

      On TV once I saw Junior Bush wearing a flying jacket. He supposedly prayed together with Holy Tony before bombing the crap out of Iraq. Two men alone before God.

  3. Of political thrones we are the legs; we must step away with our votes.

    1. There's a saying that each country gets the government it deserves. I think there's a grain of truth in that.


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