Saturday, 26 March 2016


Joseph the Wealthy
Friend of Jesus
And well-in with Pilate
The following scenario
And Pilate played along

The washing of hands
Maybe the order
From someone
Somewhere -
make it look good
But don't kill him
And when it's all over
withdraw the guard
from the tomb

Then others came
and took him away
And healed him with ointments
And herbs
And they sailed away
In an organized convoy
Led by Joseph the Wealthy
After Thomas had placed his hands
In the wounds

And imagine they arrived
In the land where the word for heaven
As in Glastonbury

And imagine the 500
Who made their way there
Speaking to the people
Curious to know from whence they had come
And why they had travelled so far

And imagine the story of the son
Of the house of David
The grail himself
The carrier of the royal blood
Who was crucified
To rise from the dead
Who was now standing before them

Imagine that Blake
Had it right
And a new Jerusalem became a reality
In the land of GLAS
where Welsh was spoken
In those days

And ask yourself why
The holiest man
In the country's history
The patron saint
The inspiration for Padraig
and others
Should bear the name David
Even unto today.


  1. I have read this several times Gwil - each time I have more from it and I think it is so interesting. I find your posts so inspiring - I aspire to write like this but never manage it.

    1. Thanks Pat. One can but try, as Virginia Wolf used to say.

  2. Replies
    1. Nothing to live or die for, above us only sky.

  3. Did you ever read The Passover Plot?

    1. Hello Linda, I've never read The Passover Plot. I shall look for a critique. I have been reading a book jointly written by Israel Finkelstein who claims the passover of the Red Sea never happened and could not have happened in great numbers etc. in the circumstances as described.


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