Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Postcards from Europe

Palm tree in winter

Two palm trees in winter

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Good news! We are now safely arrived in Europe. As you can see it's just like home. Journeying westward we begin to sense how the American pioneers of yesteryear must have felt. The Land of Merkel, our Promised Land, is also to the west, somewhere beyond the far horizon. We are living in a temporary camp, as it's called. It's behind barbed wire. Tomorrow, equipped with rain jackets and new shoes from the Red Cross, we resume our march. Like American pioneers of old we will one day apply for our half an acre and a cow, that is to say a council flat and a Dieselgate car.   

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  1. __Franz Werfel wrote a passage similar to that below, in the late 1920s or early 1930s. I say similar because I find it necessary to paraphrase.
    ****** While watching a herd of migrating sheep, it is very difficult to find the goats. ******

    Metaphors, in -my- humble opinion: The sheep are the refugees, and the goats, are hidden warriors. (A metaphor for >hidden warrior<?)

    Borders are borders. Boarders? _m

  2. The goats always get a bad press. The world needs more sheep ;)


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