Tuesday, 29 March 2016

"Lugner for President"

My vote goes to Richard Lugner! Unfortunately, I don't have a vote. But if I did Mr. Lugner is the man for me. And what a first lady!

Dear Herr Lugner and First Lady Cathy,
Good luck with your campaign! When you are elected may I suggest you invite Prince Harry to become an Austrian symbolic monarch. His Welsh Cavalry (motto: Nothing in front but the enemy!") still march to the music of Radetzky today, and still fly the double-eagle standard above their castle in Wales. Austria must join the international multi-language club of nations, which includes countries such as the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, and my own little country of Wales. Something must be done at once about the obnoxious "Halt die Klappe Alpenrepublik!" attitude of big brother Germany. (Claus Pandi - today's Kronen Zeitung). Adopting English as a second official language, and maybe Italian as a third, would signal to the Germans that Austria is an independent and forward thinking country. Austria needs to find a positive new way for the next generation.

Like ex-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger here is another Austrian prepared to "clean house!"

Vote for Richard Lugner!


  1. Happy Easter to you dear friend

  2. Happy Easter to you dear friend

    1. Thanks John. And hopefully a peaceful one too in Bonnie Scotland.


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