Thursday, 3 March 2016

Visual Verse Poetry Challenge

Visual Verse is a magical and challenging poetry website. 

Poets and other writers are allowed a maximum of sixty minutes to produce a bardic gem. 

I discovered the site in February and being tempted I tossed into the in-tray an unpolished stone. 

Each succeeding month participants are summoned (an email reminder) to take up the challenge. February's subject of interest was Grant Wood's iconic masterpiece American Gothic.

There is much to explore in the website's archives. There you will find poetic jewels. Enough quality and variety for all tastes. 

My February poem In God We Trust appears on page 129 of Volume 3 Chapter 4. 

For March, the editors at Visual Verse are looking for contributions of an unusual nature. 

Take a look. And don't be afraid of having a try. 

With a little time pressure the old grey matter may be radically stimulated . . .  

Good luck! 


  1. I took a look. Thank you for the link. It interests me. I was thinking of the reverse, words into pictures, before I opened the link because when I was an art student we did haiku in pictures instead of words.

  2. Thanks. I thought you'd find it interesting.

  3. I find it interesting too Gwil but am not sure I understand what is required of one. Explanation would help please.

    1. It's quite straightforward. When you find the photographs on the link you can click on the latest one, and there you will find 5 poems the editors have put up to start us off for the month of March. You can look at February's poems by clicking on the photo of the man and woman with a pitchfork. So assuming you want to contribute to the March booklet you have to open up a page and log in with usual details and type your poem in the blank space. Poem has to be between 50 and 500 words. Then you just press send or submit, and leave it to the editors. When your poem appears you'll see your name in the list of poets down the left side of the screen. You should click on all the options they give "archives" included, to get a feel for the set up. If you get stuck I'm sure someone in your poetry group will rush to your aid. But if I can do it then you can. The site is pretty well idiot proof as you will find. Good luck.

    2. My latest poem, written in the style of Ernst Jandl, is now appearing on pages 40 to 41 of the March edition. The poem is titled Meeting Point.


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