Friday, 22 April 2016

Queen's Corgi says: BBC ain't what it used to be.

  For some considerable time I been worried about falling standards at the Beeb, particularly in regard to the absence of the red pencil. Or maybe it's the blue pencil. In my place of work it was green ink.

  Things reached a new low today when a photo (on the BBC's website) of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh flanking President Obama and the First Lady was captioned:

                 "Queen and Duke of Edinurgh had their photo taken with the royal couple"

To quote a royal spokescorgi: "That takes the biscuit!"

No pencil / no pack drill. Ruff, ruff.


  1. Among some in the States, the Obamas are almost a royal couple. For others, and often for the wrong as well as accepable policy reasons, they are just the opposite. But if the clone of John Wayne wins in November, anything can and might happen. Trump may be a billionaire but he has great appeal among many blue-collar workers. They are not big on nuance and Trump is black and white and in your face, despite his new campaign manager. We elected a nice man to replace a sometimes coarse Bush and we may do the same again. Many may vote for him just to avoid more of the Clintons. Possibly the only decent human being running on either side is Kasich and he’s dead last in the polls and probably would lose debates to Clinton. But Hillary would have a tough time debating coarse Trump, especially if he brings up Monica Lewinsky and he just might do it. Never saw an election like this one.

    1. I think if the Donald brings up the Monica it will backfire on him. You can't blame Hillary for Monica and hope to keep the voters onside. Surely everyone knows Bill was a rat. People tell me Monica was a honey trap. I don't know. I've never looked into it. But anything is possible.

  2. Butt.
    _____You can blame him... then her for not slamming shut... a book that remained open all these years.
    _____Politics? Cheat then recheat_? Another shade_? _m

    1. Mr. O is over here trying to sell his TTIP. It's a win win for Him. We already paid Uncle Sam $300,000,000 per year x 11 years i.e. $3,300,000,000 in so-called trade sanctions so we don't have to eat his hormone infected beef. That's nothing to what it will cost us so we don't have to eat his gm-super-corn and chlorine chickens. Mr. O's man in the house used to work for these people who make this stuff. Some would call it blackmail.


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