Friday, 29 April 2016

So you think you have a right to be rescued?

In 2011 Lorenzo Pezzani and Charles Heller produced a video titled  Liquid Traces - The Left to Die Boat Case.

This short film is currently showing at the As Rights Go By exhibition in Vienna's MQ complex. It's at Q21.

The story concerns the fate of 72 men women and children who were fleeing in an inflatable boat from Gaddafi's Libya.

Having run out of fuel the refugees sent out a distress call.

They were subsequently supplied with biscuits and water by a military helicopter.

No further assistance was forthcoming. No rescue attempt was made.

Nato ships and fishing boats were seen in close proximity but ignored appeals for help.

After more than two weeks the small refugee boat drifted onto a beach on the Libyan coast.

There were only 11 survivors.

You can watch the full 18 minute film Liquid Traces - The Left to Die Boat Case  here.


  1. As rights go by . . .

    Two Turkish journalists sentenced to two years apiece for publishing cover of Charlie Hebdo cartoon depicting prophet saying: All is forgiven. Turkey is currently ranked 151 out of 189 nations in Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index.

    Turkey is demanding visa free travel to EU from June this year as part of the shameful refugee swap deal.

  2. I am equally appalled by the EU's tolerance of Turkey and the Tory MPs' refusal to accept child refugees from Europe. How is this not reminiscent of the 1930s?

    1. I think this EU tolerance of Turkey originates in Deutschland. There's the little matter of the Armenians they seem to have overlooked. Historical reasons. Friends and allies. You know the sort of thing.

    2. Got interrupted there. Meant to add that nobody says anything about the illegal occupation of half of Cyprus anymore. You wouldn't think Cyprus was even in the EU. Our politicians are clueless when it comes to dealing with the Turkey. And we mustn't forget the Cold War and Russian missiles in Cuba as a response to American missiles in Turkey. It's a knotty problem however you look at it.


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