Sunday, 1 May 2016

Temple of Thesus

 Vienna's neo-classical Temple of Thesus (1823)

Visitors admire the 2016 exhibit 

Australian artist Ron Mueck's 'Man in a Boat

'Thesus Slaying the Centaur '  was moved out in 1890

Josef Müllner's 'Young Athlete' (1921) 

The neo-classical temple was built between 1811 and 1823. It is situated in the centre of the Volksgarten in Vienna.

Thesus Slaying the Centaur, the  original work housed in the temple, was removed to Vienna's Kunsthistoriches Museum in 1890 and is to be seen there.

The bronze athlete guarding the temple door dates from 1921 and is a work by Josef Müller.

Every year a single exhibit is chosen to be displayed in the temple. This year's selection is Australian artist Ron Mueck's Man in a Boat.

Admission to the temple is free, although there is a plastic box where a voluntary donation can be left if desired.

The Volksgarten is situated on the Ring near to the Burgtheater and opposite the Rathaus (City Hall).

The garden with treelined paths and benches is planted with roses, and at the end near the Burgtheater there is a monument to Kaiserin Elisabeth - the Empress Sissi - who was killed in 1898 by a knifeman at a train station in Geneva.

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  1. Classic design at its best.

    1. The proportions are perfect. And in a baroque city they certainly impress.

  2. I will be going to Vienna for the very first time in June. I hope to see this.

    1. The garden will be in full bloom in June. Nice place for a picnic.

  3. Vienna has some splendid architecture. I must visit one day.

    1. Vienna is the jewel in the Habsburg crown.


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