Friday, 8 July 2016


Art from a subway wall

US President Obama is in Warsaw just in case anyone in Dallas where 11 police officers (4 killed) and one civilian have been shot by triangulated rifle fire, a method reminiscent of the JFK assassination, was wondering why he was conspicuously absent.

Mr O, winner of the devalued and irrelevant Nobel Peace Prize, is planning to put NATO troops on the ground in countries near to the Russian border. There will be 4,000 troops. We can assume the number 4,000 is just for starters.

Obama seems intent on provoking the Russian Bear whenever and wherever he senses an opportunity to do so. The lame excuse is that the Russians 'seized' the Crimea with their 'illegal' referendum in which Crimea voted for an Ukrexit.

One part of Obama's grand plan to take over Europe involves the stationing of missiles in Rumania, a poor country with borders on the Black Sea.

Do I feel safer? The answer is definitely NO.

Germany and Russia have an historic agreement that there should be a buffer zone with a policy of non-interference from Germany et al in territories in the Russian area of influence.

I believe it was Mr Gorbachev who signed on the dotted line for the Russians. Mrs Merkel and the EU Project appear never to have heard of it.

Could it all end like the Cuban missile crisis . . . only worse? YES.

It requires one idiot to give the order and a second idiot to obey it and we're all in the smelly stuff here in Central Europe.

Back in Dallas the police death toll has climbed to 5.

Go home Mr. President.

Your own country needs you.


  1. You are right on in much of what you say here. I doubt that Obama wants to take over Europe, though. And we really don’t need him back here to comment about the shooting of 11 police in Oklahoma if they were done by African-Americans understandably upset about the police killings of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana.

    Obama would simply tell us once again we must do something about racism and guns in America and he is right about that but like the rest of us he has no solution about either. The two races simply do not get along and taking guns away from hunters won’t take them away from urban African Americans who are shooting each other in big cities at an unbelievable rate.

    It seems to me that white, yellow, brown and red people can get along in America without violence. And blacks can get along with yellow, red and brown people without violence. But no sign of a truce between whites and blacks.

    Too many American whites want blacks to “talk” white English and adapt white culture. Not going to happen. Yellow, red and brown people do not aggravate whites.

    How’s that for a sermon from a pulpit founded on nothing but almost 8 decades of observation in Chicago and St. Louis, where black-on-black killings are setting records. Oddly, they are not killing whites. And they are not protesting blacks who kill blacks. But if a white cop kills a black all hell breaks loose and we cannot depend on our media to tell both sides.

    The picture painted by our media so far about the two black men killed in Minnesota suggests very little about what activity the victims were engaged in to warrant gunfire. But we can’t believe our media. I hope you can believe yours.

    Thanks for your comments and i will circulate them among some Yanks who like me don’t hear over here what you are saying over there.

    1. First of all, the sniper shooting at police was in Dallas, Texas not Oklahoma. More important though, Dona, you woefully confused about what is going on when white cops shoot to kill black men who are guilty of nothing more than a traffic violation. As the governor of Minnesota said in reference to the killing of Philandro Castile, this probably would not have happened he had been white.

    2. Thank you, Shawn, for correcting my mistake.

      We just had another cop shooting in one of the better suburbs of St, Louis.

      I completely agree no one should be shot at a traffic stop and I agree the black man likely would not have been shot had he been white. The black man told the cop he had a gun and a concealed carry permit but the last I saw we don't know if he reached for the gun to hand it over or if something else happened.

      I live in St. Louis and despite the mistake I assure you I am not woefully confused about blacks and whites in America.

      But Obama does not have a solution and I don't either but he and Hillary and Trump will offer theirs tonight if they have not already,
      I was a caseworker in Chicago in the projects with 458 families, all black save for two Puerto Rican families. It was bad then, worse now.

    3. The sad truth is that no one has a solution. We are still living with the legacy of slavery. The attitudes of many whites haven't changed much since the days when a black man counted as 3/5 a white man.

  2. Don't think 4000 soldiers will stop a million strong army with nukes Gwil. Is this a new cold war? Worrying times indeed.

  3. It seems rather farcical to me that Nato are having talks about the enemy, Russia, but in a few days time Mr Obama, who is in Warsaw for the Nato talks, is going to meet with Mr Putin for a friendly chat face to face. Like, do you really go and have a chat with the leader of the country you have just said you are going to point missiles at? Either you are enemies or you are not enemies. Of course whatever happens from now on the UK will be blamed for for voting to exit the EU. I note also that although Mr Obama is in Warsaw for Nato talks, much of his time is going to be spent talking about the UK coming out of the EU. Interfering? Yes.

    1. The leaders of "enemy" nations do talk to each other. I don't see anything surprising in that.

    2. I know Shawn, but I still find it sounds daft if you strip everything away.

  4. There just seem to be too many idiots about.

    1. That's why I put up the link to the Glaslyn Ospreys. It's an antidote.

  5. Dear friends in America. Mr O is on his way. He cancelled today's visit to Spain. Spain is a country famous for bull fighting and oranges.

    1. Parliament of Cyprus voted for an end to the economic sanctions against Russia yesterday. Just mentioning this in case Mr O or CNN forget to mention it. Cyprus is an island famous for having a razor wire fence and a minefield down the middle and having a large area illegally occupied by Turkey. But that's OK because Turkey is in NATO.

  6. Thanks for all the comments and the intelligent discussion going on here. I am reminded of my visit to a US city in the 1970's. I was shown around the Police HQ. A policeman was shot while attending a robbery in progress. We listened to it all in real time on a police radio. The other patrols going to the scene and being deployed and everything else to do with it. Then we heard that the armed robber had been shot, so that came as a big relief. I asked my guide if police were often victims of shootings. He told me the sad story of two off-duty police officers shooting each other due to a misunderstanding and both of them ending up dead. One officer was a part-time taxi driver and the other officer was his passenger. Sad but true.

  7. Mr O is in Spain, just in case American friends are wondering why he's not the White House dealing with the civil rights and police relations issues. Last I heard he was being entertained by the Spanish royals, a family embroiled in enough controversy of their own. We'll get him back to you soon as he's finished his paella and said hello to your sailors. Adios Mr O , your nation needs you.


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