Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Essl Era Ends

A museum during the days before it finally closes its doors to the public is an odd place, not least because hundreds will suddenly arrive, as if to bear witness to the end. 

A number of these people are known in Austria as Lit. trans. Schaulustige - show-onlookers.

"Where have you been for the past 17 years?" I mutter under my breath. 

Maybe I should have voiced my feelings a little louder. But clearly it's not good for me to feel like this. A financial axe is destined to fall. And that's that. 

Before leaving The Essl for the final time I decide to record something of the last of many visits, if only for the sake of my own posterity. And so I do. 

Here are the works I have chosen to remember. 

Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria

Grand Papillon D'Ete (1954) Corneille

Woman Power (1979) Maria Lassnig

Kreuzwegstation (1990) Hermann Nitsch


  1. It's funny how some works of art appeal to us isn't it? There are some pieces that I never tire of seeing and always remember - others just ships that pass in the night.

    1. I think I subconsciously chose these. They seem to follow by date and theme I noticed afterwards. But I like them all, even the Nitsch which is unusual for me - maybe the colour reminds me of Bacon's Screaming Popes.

  2. What is going to happen to the collection?

    1. It will go into storage. Don't know anything beyond that. Will report when I learn anything.


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