Wednesday, 7 September 2016

just for a change

here it is  
today's bad news 
there is none 

Some people today are concerned about sheeplethink 

The department of propaganda currently housed in the UN now promulgates with missionary zeal such propaganda as cannot be associated with a meaningful word like thinking.

It is simply sheeplethink, to use my polite word

Prominent law-abiding persons are being attacked by the UN with hate and vitriol.

Norbert Hofer is a good example. Here is a presidential candidate in a neutral European democratic country who is currently on the UN's hate list.

The trouble with Mr Hofer, Mr Trump, Mr Farage and others, as far as the UN sees it, is that they dare to think outside the UN's sheeplethink box.

In the above edition of a 1930's German weekly the headline reads: The Leader is Always Right.

Unfortunately as everyone knows the leader is not always right, even if he be a prominent well-heeled personage in the UN.

There are according to some estimates 7,000 languages and 4,200 religions in the world. To bring them all under one umbrella, one way of thinking and one way of being, is a work worthy of Sisyphus.

That's the plain fact.

The other plain fact:  Thought Control Policing has never worked in the long term and never will.

The rest is money and 'spenses.



  1. Doesn't everything boil down to money in the end Gwil? It usually feels as though it does.

    1. Money is the spin-off. Power is the real thing. Control of the masses, brainwashing, etc. via control of the media. Thinking for oneself, speaking to the facts, respecting traditional family values, treating others with respect, these kind of things today are "Unerwunscht". That is to say they are undesirable. What's required again today is Submission. And that is the way to disaster. We owe it to future generations to stand our ground, and our parents and grandparents hard won ground.

  2. Theresa May is a good and fair person but she will be harassed and cursed by people who think she is not fair because they come from the gene pool of leaders which is not a good gene. Theresa May does not come from this pool, she comes from goodness and righteousness but the greedy and nasty gened people will fail to recognise this because they are not programmed to.

    1. I think she can handle it from what I've seen so far. She has a role model.

    2. __ Gwilym, a word you've employed here -brainwashing- amplifies my view that... efforts toward "World Wide Government" will bring us to the point where we will need to rename our Earth "Air Strip One," Still, so many years to the fore... .
      __ Recently, I've been standing aside from the "blog" net, cleaning the mud from my boots if you will. I'll be more active when they're clean, but I'll will still, not polish them. Smiles_!
      __ Gwilym, I truly thank you for your kind visits to my blog, and your equally kind comments! _m

    3. Thanks. I'm deeply humbled.


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