Sunday, 10 July 2011

The hinderance to talk

He moved the lamp closer
sitting motionless there
upon the desk of neat appearance
with assumed nonchalance
in the room of neat appearance
above the murmer of the sea
and under the murmer of the wind in the trees
where from sunrise to noon
he nursed discontent
into a noticeable increase in tension
always nagging himself about something or other
and taking offence at the least provocation
an ordinary man
obscured in a maze
of old-fashioned omens and
by rabid opponents
and zealots
with paraphrased passages
the hinderance to talk
I paled and the cold penetrated
my bones
when with unpardonable pride
he related his part
the highways were no longer passable


  1. Many thanks John. I like your new poetry site. I'll put a link up.


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