Sunday, 10 July 2011

"Life is . . .

finding a path to follow."
My friend Helmut


  1. Which is fine until you come to a fork in the road when you have to make another decision. (a la Robert Frost) - but - seriously - I love the photo.

  2. Of course, the alternative is to follow your nose...

  3. Good morning Pat,

    And sometimes there are dead ends and so we are forced to turn around and go backa few paces . . . something which Frost appears to have overlooked.

    Frost, who appears to have had a fondness for rustic lore, by the way, also said 'good fences make good neighbours' - but from my own personal experience - I have actually removed fences that were keeping neighbours apart and then found that they subsequently became good neighbours.

    I don't mean farm fences. We need those :)

  4. Hello Jinksy, like a bloodhound on the scent :)

  5. Or wandering off... If enough people go the same way, they'll start a path.

    Thought you'd like this:

  6. Dominic is saying 'Happy Birthday Neptune' - for tomorrow it is 1 year since Neptune was discovered (one Neptune year is more than 167 Earth years!).

    Tomorrow is also Dylan and Caitlin's 74th wedding anniversary!


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